What do you do if you want to do PACA Training?

Until recently, the response to this question was "get in touch with Jörg Meyer-Stamer and try to contract him", with the corollary being "but he probably doesn’t have time". To sort out this problem, we have created mesopartner - a consultancy partnership which is offering training and consultancy on PACA and other LED-related issues.

If you consider to do PACA, we suggest the following sequence of activities:

1. Get in touch with Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke, Jörg Meyer-Stamer or Christian Schoen to discuss your specific demands and the applicability of PACA. We will send you background information on PACA so that you can take an informed decision.

2. PACA Training: If you decide to go for it, we recommend that you organise a PACA Training. We would train local specialists so that they can apply the PACA methodology, i.e. conduct a PACA exercise. A PACA Training is a one-week affair, and the basic structure is as follows:

You will perceive that it is a very practical, hands-on training format. A PACA Training should be conducted in a location where you can plug into LED activities. The number of participants should be between 8 and 20.

3. PACA Backstopping, Phase I: After the PACA training, the local PACA trainees will start to prepare and conduct PACA Exercises. In order to do this properly, they need backstopping and supervision. In order to organise this, we offer three types of support:

4. PACA Follow-up Training I: Towards the end of the first PACA Exercise, we strongly recommend that the PACA Trainer returns

PACA Backstopping Phase II: This involves essentially the same type of support as in Phase I.

PACA Follow-up Training II: This ought to occur approximately six months after Training I. It should be part of an appraisal of the ongoing PACA project.

What about the cost of this sequence of activities? This table gives you an idea:


Appr. fee


PACA Training

€ 5,500.-


PACA Backstopping, Phase I

negotiable, minimum € 1,100.-


PACA Follow-up Training I

€ 4,400.-


PACA Backstopping Phase II

negotiable, minimum € 1,100.-


PACA Follow-up Training II

€ 3,850.-



minimum € 15,950.-


    (1) Assuming that you hire one trainer. If your organisation is based in Germany, the price will very likely be plus MWSt.
    (2) On top of this, you will have to cover travel expenses and daily allowance.