PACA® is a methodology to kick-start local economic development initiatives. It is designed as an alternative to approaches such as strategic planning and sequential approaches which put a lot of effort into awareness-raising and mobilization without anything practical happening for a while.

If you are interested in PACA®, you may tend to ask the following questions:

A flyer describing PACA® is available in English, brief descriptions in German and Portuguese. An overview is also available as a Powerpoint file. For more background information, have a look at mesopartner working paper 1.

If now you are even more interested in PACA®, you may want to consider contracting Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke, Jörg Meyer-Stamer or Christian Schoen to train local stakeholders and professionals in your location in the PACA® methodology.

PACA® is still in the early stages of evolution. Our partnership, Mesopartner, has only recently started to conduct dedicated PACA® trainings, and none of them involved people from OECD countries. In case that you come across a consultant who claims to be experienced in applying the PACA® methodology you may consider to consult with Jörg Meyer-Stamer in order to verify whether this is a valid claim. Please also note that Jörg Meyer-Stamer is the owner of the PACA® trademark. Other consultants or consultancy firms are not entitled to use this label.

If you want to know more about Local Economic Development, you may want to have a look at Jörg Meyer-Stamer's LED publications and his collection of LED-related links.

Finally, you may find it interesting to know that PACA® is an adaptable method. One such adaption is the RALIS method for the Rapid Appraisal of Local Innovation Systems.